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Investing in a quality reception desk is essential if you want to revitalize your office space. Therefore, getting a Custom made reception desk from Abiko Gulf will help you do so. Not only it is a major welcoming element but also it helps in making an impression on potential clients when they will be visiting your office. It is not any ordinary piece of furniture it’s more than that. With our sleek designs and high-quality material furniture, you will be able to express professionalism and sophistication.     

We design desks that are stylish and create a great first impression. In collaboration with our team, we make customized reception desks. Whenever a person would visit your office, seeing your company logo carved on the reception desk, would give a great first impression. Having a reception area should not only make a visual impact but should also be functional. A desk must include storage space in abundance that would help in streamlining your operations. With Abiko Gulf, choose the designs that help you increase your efficiency and operations.

So, if you are looking to get a custom made reception desk in Dubai then contact Abiko Gulf, your one-stop destination for all your furniture needs. With our huge range of designer desks, we specialized in creating an elevated and modern look for your reception area. When getting furniture from us, you can expect premium quality, durability, and value.

Types of Reception Desks

If you are looking to buy reception desks that speak for your enterprise then getting a custom made reception desk from Abiko Gulf would be the right choice. We offer a huge range of reception desks to choose from. By using only top-notch material quality, we ensure to provide you with something that is both stylish and functional. Here know the different kinds of furniture that we provide:

1. Large and Small Reception counters

Getting a reception counter is highly influenced by the size of your office space. If your office space is large then opt for a large reception desk since it will help you to fully utilize the space. Moreover, it will also come with various copartments and storage spaces. Thereby, increasing the functionality. 

Having a small reception desk will be ideal in a situation when the office space is more compact. While making a choice on whether to get a small or a large desk other factors are also considered. 

2. Differently shaped reception desks

At Abiko, we provide different kinds of custom made reception desk that come in various shapes as per the requirement of the office. They come in:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Oval
  • U-shaped
  • Curved

These are suitable for those enterprises that require the receptionist to deal with money matters as well. Therefore, getting these desks helps in concealing the documents that carry major info and also helps in closing the entry to the reception counter. 

3. Wooden reception desks

While setting up a reception area, you must also look for the aesthetics. Since they are the major welcoming element, investing in wooden reception furniture would be a great choice since it helps in elevating the overall look. Also, it comes at a cheap price with multiple color options and varieties.

Reasons to Invest in a Custom Reception Desk

Having a reception area that speaks for your brand is a must. Getting just any piece of reception desk wouldn’t do justice. Therefore, adding that touch of personalization is a must. When it comes to your brand, nobody understands it better than you. So, getting that touch is necessary.  

Getting a desk that is both functional and modern looking is important. By getting our custom made reception desk, you can add that element of personalization that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. With our team of skilled craftsmen, we strive to bring your ideas into reality. 

A desk is more than just a furniture item so, getting the one that resonates with your brand would help you improve your brand value and worth among others. Reasons why you should invest in a custom reception desk:

1. Provides Visual Aesthetics

You can choose the dimensions, layout, materials, and finishes that align with your overall aesthetic and functional requirements.

2. A great way of branding 

 By carving your logo and other elements of branding, create a professional and cohesive look that reinforces your brand image to visitors.

3. Makes a great first impression

A custom made reception desk can help create a first impression. By showcasing commitment to quality, attention to detail, and professionalism, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who walks through the door. 

4. Caters to your specific operational needs

Features such as built-in storage ensure that your receptionist has everything they need to perform their duties effectively. 

5. Highly Durable

Unlike mass-produced furniture, they are often built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

6. Higher ROI

While a custom reception desk may include making a high initial investment, it provides benefits that outweigh the upfront cost.

7. Resonates with your personal taste

It adds a touch of uniqueness that stands out and creates an experience for visitors. A well-designed reception desk can become a conversation starter, leaving a lasting impression on clients and guests. 

Buy Custom Made Reception Desk in Dubai

With Abiko Gulf, you can buy custom made reception desk in Dubai which is made from superior quality material that is both durable and cost-effective. Getting a reception desk that is tailored and made just for you play an important role in getting your work done. With the help of our team which is highly talented, we strive to make our customers satisfied by providing them with premium design ideas in Dubai. 

All of our desk designs are made by adhering to the client’s requirements. We at Abiko Gulf are here to create designs that are stylish, timeless, and budget-friendly.

Why Choose US?

By choosing Abiko Gulf, you would be getting top-notch services in Dubai. With our custom made desk designs, we provide reception desks that are sure to catch every person’s eye. With the help of our team, we work with ultimate care and a detailed eye to provide our customers with the best services. 

Being a renowned name in providing custom made reception desk in Dubai, we know how to deliver quality services at premium rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Custom-made reception desk is specially made with hardware, metals, and unique materials. At a custom-made reception desk, you find high-quality materials and long-lasting materials made by craftsmen.

In case of custom made reception, you have the option to select the material,design style, and aesthetic looks  for your office. Also you can measure the size and dimension of your desk that perfectly fit in your space.

Exact time is not possible to say, as it is dependent on several factors such as the design of your desk, artisan, size of the desk, and more. So, you can directly ask the Abiko Gulf experts by visiting their website.

The cost of a custom-made reception desk is depends on the designs and materials of the desk. But we suggest Abiko Gulf, as they provide perfect customization and good materials at affordable prices. So you must visit the website of Abiko Gulf and fix a suitable price to customize a reception desk.

Many types of material are used to build a reception desk –

  • Solid Wood
  • Corian
  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Veneers
  • Tiled
  • Concrete

Reception Desk is the first thing to appear in the office, which is why this captures the main focus of everyone. Along with this front office staff directly and personally welcome every visitor so this is most important to choose a correct and classy desk for your office.

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