Glass Office Partitions

There has been a sudden rise in the usage of glass partitions in the workplace, not only do they provide a more classy and contemporary look to your office but they are also in use due to their durability. At Abiko Gulf, we provide premium-quality installation of glass office partitions that are designed to bear high pressure. They act as walls which provide a much brighter and better working environment. Due to its various reasons, they are a go-to design element in the industries.


What is a glass partition?

The glass partition is a wall that is of high quality and is tempered. They are designed in a manner that they can bear heavy pressures and act as a glass partition wall that constructs a room that acts as dividers.

They help in creating a space that feels more open yet provides privacy at the same time. They are mounted as full glass, from floor to ceiling. The walls are held in their position with the help of frames made up of aluminum and other mounting tools that help hold them in place.

Types of Glass Partitions

The glass partitions are perfect for giving that extra space that leads to an airy, bright working environment. A glass partition for office comes in various designs and styles that give just the right kind of aesthetic look to your workplace.

Here now the different types of glass partitions:

1. Acoustic

If you want to work in a calm environment, then getting an acoustic glass wall installed is just the right decision for you. These glasses are resistant to sound which eliminates the disturbances and allows you to work in peace. Abiko Gulf provides the best services for glass partitions in Dubai of these sound-absorbing glass panels.

2. Laminated

This type of glass partition wall gives you the utmost privacy and security. They come in various tints and tones that not only help in enhancing the look but also give privacy in the workspace. Not to mention, the extra layer on the glass act as a soundproofing material which gives a setting of the least noise.

3. Ceramic

These types of glass partitions are used to get protection in the situation of fires. The material used helps in preventing the rollout of fire and the movement of heat. They come with a coating that gives them an aesthetically pleasant look. They are opposed to fire and they also provide an additional dimension of safeguard.

4. Specialist

It is a glass partition for office that provides a separate section in the workplace. They are translucent which does not make them either completely transparent or open. It is used to add that extra element of design as well as help in maintaining a check-up on what is happening inside the space. It is simple to clean and is dustproof.

5. Decorative

The main purpose that they serve is toad the designer element in the workplace. They are usually mounted on the walls to give a more contemporary look. They come in various colours and designs. They are renowned for their look, feel, and toughness. They help in skipping on the use of curtains or shades to create a secluded space.

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Advantages of Using Glass Partitions

Using glass room partitions in a workplace has its own set of benefits. From providing a good design to serving the purpose of security, you name it. They serve various purposes which is why they are among the foremost choices of interior designers.

Here are the benefits that it provides:

1. Light

Using glass panels in office spaces leads to an environment that makes the light flow in all the spaces with ease. This is due to its reflective properties that let the light travel everywhere. This helps in creating a more vibrant environment which gives a refreshing and energetic environment. It also helps in turning down the light bills as well.

2. Visibility

One of the major reasons for choosing glass as a design element in workplaces is to adhere to the open plan of the offices as it makes the employees feel more included. Which will automatically impact their productivity and morale. Installation of glass partition in Dubai by Abiko Gulf lets you keep a check on the activities of others and at the same time gives the effect of seclusion.

3. Resistance to Sound

Installing glass walls at workplaces that require cutting down on all sound disturbances is a good choice. Since sound is one of the main drawbacks of an open office model. The sound can serve as a factor of disturbance which can affect productivity. So, if you do not want to compromise on the work quality, getting, glass office partitions is a must.

4. Cost-Effective

Glass is an inexpensive way of making a space look expensive. It is effortlessly available and does not require any heavy costs to install. Due to its benefit of installing it in existing spaces without doing many changes, it helps in avoiding any extra costs. This help in scattering light everywhere due to its properties of reflection, helping workplaces to save on electricity bills.

5. Low maintenance

The glass is an element that does not require regular maintenance. Keeping it clean is easy due to its properties of non-accumulation of dust. When compared to walls, which attract high amounts of dust. Just wiping it off with water and soap will do the job. No extra efforts are required to clean the surface.

6. Appearance

Glass partitions for office serve as a way of enhancing the feel and look of the space. They tend to add that extra element of design in the workplace that makes the space look more modern and unique.

Why Choose Us?

Abiko Gulf is a team of highly skilled individuals that serve all your needs for glass partitions. We are a trusted name in the industry which is a one-stop location for all your glass needs.

Since customer satisfaction is our motto, we give you an assortment of options to choose from along with superior services guaranteed. We get you the premium quality installation of glass partitions in Dubai. So, get in contact with us today, to experience the utmost quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The price range cannot be determined as various factors are considered. These factors include:

  1. Size
  2. Type of glass
  3. Design Complexity
  4. Installation
  5. Framing and hardware

The glass partition for offices is regarded as the glass office partition or simply a glass partition. They are used to divide the office spaces creating separate rooms while maintaining an open environment simultaneously.

A glass partition office layout is an office design that incorporates the use of glass panels. It helps in dividing the workspace into smaller rooms or areas while still maintaining an open and transparent environment.

This can not be ascertained since every glass serve differently. The glass for office partition depends upon the requirements, preferences and budget. Therefore, consulting with a professional glass supplier can guide you in selecting the best glass as per your recommendations.